The 2009 Singletrack Classic Weekender, July 4-5

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Get your diaries and your pencils out ladies and gentlemen…
On the weekend of July 4th-5th there will be a brand-new old-style event taking place – the Singletrack Classic Weekender!

The event will include three mandatory riding disciplines – XC, Downhill and “Classic” Trials.

The idea is that you compete in all the different disciplines. And you must do them all on one bike.

Points will be awarded for each discipline. All your points will be deducted if you don’t compete in a discipline. There’ll be trophies for winners and lots of spot prizes given out to other competitors and “have-a-go heroes”.

Don’t be put off by the word “Trials”. This event’s Classic Trials discipline won’t involve leaping up large boulders or hopping around on your back wheel. It’ll be much more doable by mortals on regular bikes. It’ll still be quite tricksy riding but more about about balance and control than leaping about on or off things.

The Classic Trials and Downhill will take place on the Saturday, the XC stuff will take place on the Sunday.

The 2009 Singletrack Classic Weekender will be hosted at the Adrenaline Gateway’s Lee Quarry, Lancashire.

Entry fee is £35 (£30 for subscribers to the magazine) This will get you entry into all three discplines, and also cover your camping and car parking. Hopefully we’ll be able to do a “kids go free” for any under-16s that want to give it a go too.

We’ll let you know when we’ve worked it all out and you’re able to enter.

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