K9 Angled Reducer Cup Kit

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This just in from K9 Industries…

arc pic 1
The ARC kit straight out of the box…
…and installed in a frame.

K-9 Industries Ltd is proud to announce the launch of “K9 Engineered Components” range. As a product launch, K-9 will be introducing the much anticipated “ANGLED REDUCER CUP KIT” for specific Downhill and high performance bikes currently in the market. The “ARC” are designed to adjust the head-angle & increase the bike’s performance, handling & dynamic geometry.

The product’s launch date: Early April 2009

The Detail – Angled Reducer Cup Kit

Each ARC is designed for each specific bike model; the design is based on the bike’s head tube length, head angle and dynamic geometry. The ARC is only available for bikes with 1.5” head tubes, and coverts the steerer from 1.5” to 1 1/8”. The Kit comes with integrated headset from well-known & respectable bicycle component supplier in the box; so customers will require nothing in additional for installing (apart from a headset press). The product will comes with comprehensive manual/instruction to provide accurate alignment during installation, however it is recommended to be fitted by K-9 authorised dealers or respectable bicycle workshop.


Material: 6082-T6 Aluminium

Finish: High surface finish, Fine tolerances, Hard Anodised Grey

In the box: Set of Angled Reducer Cup, Integrated Headset (black), K9 Engineered Component decals, Manuals

Sales of the Product – K-9 Engineered Components

The expected initial product range will be offered for 2 specific bike models:

Iron Horse Sunday

Intense Socom

There are 3 specific models for the intended application:

For 4.625” headtube length, ±2º adjustment (Intense Socom)

For 5.000” headtube length, ±2º adjustment (Iron Horse Sunday)

For 5.250” headtube length, ±2º adjustment (Intense Socom)

“I am very excited about the “Angled Reducer Cups Kit”, these kinds of products have been missing in this industry and we are extremely happy to finally be able to offer these types of solutions.” Luis Arraiz

K-9 is planning to enhance the product range to serve most of the DH & High Performance MTB’s on the market in the future and more products are to follow very soon. Keep yourself updated by visiting www.k9industries.com or register to mailing-list by e-mailing to info@k9industries.com with title of “mailing-list” followed by subscribe or unsubscribe.

Comments (9)

    Theres not one for a hemlock (yet) then ? ..

    Can you offset everything sideways, just for funnies?

    Exactly my first thought 😀

    So you get a slacker head angle, and a weenier head tube. Is that progress?

    You get a slacker headtube and can still run a 1 1/8th fork – not a bad compromise. Both frames are 1.5in to start with, but probably don’t get many people running beer can steerers anyway.

    +/- 2° surely might be over kill, might make them either too slack or too steep?

    wonder what that’d do to my sunday though…..

    ‘The Kit comes with integrated headset from well-known & respectable bicycle component supplier ‘

    Why don’t they just say that it comes with Cane Creek bearings?

    I’ve been thinking about something like this for a while. Good to see someone doing it. Hemlock mk2 sized ones would be great, but the market would be far too small I suspect. Could mk3 frames have headtubes sized to match with the existing cups K9 supply?

    There not the only ones making these: http://www.readytoridecycles.co.uk/intense-socom–ironhorse-sunday-ha-reducer-cups-172-p.asp

    If you ask me 2 degrees is a bit much, especially on a sunday, are they not 65deg already?, talk about chopper….

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