Singletrack Issue 49 – The Dirtbag Issue

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Issue 49 with the "high street" cover. Pic by Marco Toniolo.
The subscriber and bike shop cover. Pic by Marco Toniolo.
The subscriber and bike shop cover. Pic by Marco Toniolo.
Contents pic by Margus Riga.
Contents pic by Margus Riga.

Singletrack Photo Shoot Issue 49 from Singletrack Magazine on Vimeo.

Here’s the contents of Singletrack issue 49 in a bit more detail…

7. Editorial
Chipps adds up the real cost of riding mountain bikes.

8. Dirtbagging
Dave Anderson describes the difference between being a dirtbag and a cheapskate.

16. I Was A Chalet Bum
Jon Woodhouse recounts his misadventures of ditching his proper job and becoming a bike guide in Switzerland.

22. Column: Roly Lambert
Roly tries his luck being a bike messenger in London. He’s not been to London before.

24. Blame The Dog
The madness of marketing. Mike Ferrentino’s regular letter from America.

28. Gallery
Pretty pictures.

33. Monkey Bikes
A quartet of entry level £500 bikes tested from Cube, Diamondback, Kona and Specialized.

44. Chipps’ One Ton Weekend
For this issue’s “best way to spend £100” Chipps buys a £89 bike and attempts to complete a 50 miler.

52. Column: Phil Diprose
Some people never learn do they?

54: Through The Grinder
Seven pages of shiny stuff that ain’t so shiny no more.

76. Terra Australis
Matt Hart gets slow cooked Down Under.

84. Montenegro-A-Go-Go
Daniel Klawczynski and Dominika Skonieczna uncover this Balkan beauty.

94. Long Term Test Bikes
Benji’s Genesis Alpitude and Diamondback Bandito, Chipps’ Trek Fuel and Orange Blood, Matt’s Cotic BFe, Sim’s NS Bikes Society.

98. Subscribe To Singletrack
Here’s how and more importantly why.

102. Mountain Bike First Aid
Newly qualified bike guide Ed Oxley gives us the lowdown about the First Aid basics we all should know.

108. Column: Anth Robinson
Anth discovers that he never quite stops mastering his fears.

112. Column: Matt Letch
The mountain bike community needs to be recharged.

116: Route Guide: Dartmoor
Over 100km of trails. Dartmoor is closer than you think, and better than you can possibly imagine.

127. Outro
And would you like bacon with that?

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