Sram 2010 Piccies

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Just a few pictures from last week’s trip to Afan with some close ups of bits and bobs. And perhaps the best bike stand ever…

Hammer time!
Hammer time!

Hammerschmidt on Elmar’s ridiculously bling Nicolai. Extensive car park testing showed instant up and down shifting, under load or even track-standing.


Dual air version of the Rock Shox Monarch which should be infinitely tunable to whatever you require from a rear shock.

Cr Mag
Cr Mag

Avid Elixir Cr Mag – Light, powerful (surprisingly so for a small brake). Not shown are the adjustable banjos on the calipers which make for tidy brake routing.

The Best Tool in the World?…dsc_9767

One of these, a hammer and anything is possible! All without having to lean over. We reckon this going to be the next big thing that’ll replace most people’s multi-tool on rides. Possibly.

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    what is going on with that beard?

    Looks like father christmas on holiday

    excellent beard skills. my cap is doffed.

    Has Brian Blessed lost a little weight?

    need more pics of that Nicolai please ?

    Grammer and speeling please chap’s, or some editing…

    Apart from that, some interesting bits that I still won’t be able to afford. 🙂

    Nah Jeff Jones’ love child

    Looking good Matt. Wish I’d known you were around, was I Brechfa on Sunday, would have headed over.

    Nice bit of shimano product placement in the first sram picture 🙂

    “We reckon this going to be the next big thing that’ll replace most people’s multi-tool on rides. Possibly.”

    What beardy guy with a beard and sandals?

    oups missed the 😉

    Manly Shoe FAIL
    There CAMO Berkies how much more macho yet new man can you get ? ;]

    Sorry about the spelling and grammer guys a glass of wine was calling and i rushed it…..

    Did i see that beard man coming out of a trailer the new series of ‘ My name is Earl’?

    If not…How are the Kings of Leon going to prep for their next gig without their ‘Off road’ roadie

    Whatever, you’ve moved on from Essex chic.

    I’ll let you off, but only because of the beard mind.

    how do i buy one of those beards?

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