UK Santa Cruz HQ Robbed

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Unfortunately Santa Cruz and Ibis importers Jungle Products had a break in on Tuesday night.

Amongst various office computers, clothing, helmets and the like – the thieves also took a decent amount of Santa Cruz and Ibis bikes, including pretty much the worlds only Santa Cruz Tallboy that had been shipped over for the Eurobike launch next week.

Tallboy spec:

  • Size: Large
  • Colour: matte carbon with dark red graphics (one side only)
  • Shock: Fox RP23 boost valve
  • Fork: Fox 32 F29 100 RLC Taper 15mm (black)
  • Spec: XTR with Avid Elixir CR Mag brakes / Easton low rise Monkeylite bars, EA90 stem / Chris King tapered inset headset (black) / Thomson Masterpiece seatpost w/ WTB Silverado saddle / Mavic TN 719 rims on DT 240S hubs / Kenda Smallblock 8 tyres / Unique Santa Cruz rear QR.

This is certainly the only bike of its kind in Europe. And one of only a handful made so far – so its going to stand out like a sore thumb on the trails. Please ask everyone out there – riders, shops and the like, to keep an eye out.

There were also several other bikes, details of which will follow once the Jungle peeps start clearing through the mess.

Obviously your help in spreading the word on this is much appreciated – please contact Jungle Products on 01423 780088 with any information.

All of us here at Singletrack wish the Jungle guys all the best. They’re nice guys and don’t deserve this at all.

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    Wow.. feel for jungle/SC uk. sounds like they were well and truly cleaned out.
    (lucky my frame the other day from jungle/SC…)

    Thieving bastids. Oddly enough I was cycling past Jungle the other day, thinking about how there were no signs up (presumbaly to not attract attention) and that they must be ripe for a burglary of some description. Good luck getting it sorted guys!

    Bike thieves are modern day rustlers….hang them on sight! oops non PC thought escaped. Sorry you’ve had such bad news guys.

    yep sorry to the guys at jungle, hope the robbin’ barstewards get caught.

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