Sneak Peek – Saracen’s New Ariel Full Susser

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We’ve had a preview from our underground bike monkeys within the Saracen organisation… Here’s a little taster of the new Saracen Ariel 140mm trail bike that Saracen will be unveiling the covers from at the icebike* tradeshow at the end of the month.

Changes from the prototype you’ll have seen a few months back (original story here: include the new 1.5”-1,1/8” tapered headtube and new CNC’d linkage which helps shed a bit of weight whilst helping stiffen things up at the same time.

Saracen Ariel

More details of the linkage updates can be found here:

Pictured is the range-topping Ariel 3 @ £2599.99srp with XT drivetrain, Raceface Evolve chainset, Deore M595 disc brakes, Syncros DS28 rims, Maxxis Larsen TT/High Roller tyres Raceface Respond finishing kit and topped off with a Fi’z:k Gobi XM saddle. Below the Ariel 3 will sit the (yes, you guessed it J) Ariel 2 @ £2099.99srp and the Ariel 1 at a wallet friendly £1599.99srp. All bike are suspended front and rear by Fox. With QR15 forks on the Ariel 2 and 3.

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    I do like the look of that, very smart.I presume you will be able to change the drop outs to bolt-thru? I wish more frames would come with direct mount front mechs, shame it’s missing on this.

    why do you presume that jupiter? sounds good but more dont than do.

    im surprised they put deore brakes on it

    looks sweet!

    headtube still looks 1.5″ top and bottom to me, just shaped for weight loss…?


    Agree would be good if the bolt on drops could be swapped to maxle or something

    sarcin lol

    no seriously that looks really good

    Updated swingarm CNC plate to increase stiffnes, save weight and allow easier access to the linkage bushings.
    also, are the using bushings rather than bearings for the pivots?

    Right, who’s going to pay 2.5 grand for a Saracen?

    Looks a lot like a marin wolf trail 140. No bad thing.

    Here’s a bit more info before it goes “official” next week.

    Signature single pivot suspension design with linkage driven shock. 30mm sealed cartridge bearings on the pain main pivot, 15mm Norglidge bushes on the linkage parts. Triple butted 7005/T6 custom formed alloy tube set with Tapered 1 1/8 – to 1.5 headtube. Interchangeable CNC’d Drop Out System: 10mm QR/12mm thru x 135mm, 12mm x 142mm. We put the money into the frame, shocks and wheels as other parts are easy upgrades. Fox RP23 BV on all models. More details to follow on after we launch the bikes to dealers next week.



    Direct mount front mechs are not a good idea….yet!

    They limit you to running a double or a triple & dont give you the option of switching as there isn’t enough movement up & down on the mechs to cope with it.

    This is why the proto 2010 Foes FXR’s had this & the production ones dont. We thought it would be a nice touch until we started fixing the mounts & found you could only weld it in the correct position for a double OR triple & not in a position where it could run both.


    Nice looking bike.. I’d be interested in seeing how one rides for a while please 😉

    will it get my whites whiter than white?

    I echo Bens comment – if ST get one and fancy lending it to another valley dweller for a couple of months I’d be happy to give it a good going over and write a review!

    Seems overpriced to me when you look at the competition… Trek Fuel ex9 comes in at the same price, has better spec and doesn’t have quite the same stigma attached to the brand.

    “Right, who’s going to pay 2.5 grand for a Saracen?”

    Lest we forget, before VW Group took over, most people wouldn’t touch a Skoda with a bargepole. Now, when you look on the forum at the “What car?” threads, Skoda feature very, very highly indeed.

    Good luck, Saracen folks!

    What a crap spec for £2600 – I guess cutting corners like most other bike manufacturers in this economic climate?

    “What a crap spec for £2600 – I guess cutting corners like most other bike manufacturers in this economic climate?”


    I like it, but I wouldn’t buy one. Don’t know why though, possibly just because it’s a Saracen, (although the 2007? Kiliflyer (full carbon job) was one of the best bikes I’ve ever owned.)
    Will it be available frame only, and will it take a 160mm fork?

    Piebloke, i rode one of these yesterday (thurs) and was very impressed, well done.

    Nice to see Saracen back doing what they were known for, making proper bikes for proper riders… the TT decals.

    If you need a rider to promo around the countries Events, trail Centres and popular mountain biking locations, mail me at

    I was that impressed i’d be happy to push the brand and what they stand for under the new ownership.

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