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charge surface shorts

Charge Bikes Surface Shorts
From: Charge Bikes
Price: TBC

Brought back from Sea Otter. These shorts are made from a light, stretchy material that does a decent job of “beading off” rain. Not quite sold on the aesthetics, they look a bit like (really nice) girls shorts to us! Each to their own though eh?

tf tuned

Ultra Light Weight Mount Kits
From: TF Tuned
Price: TBC

For the rider who must have everything. Each kit comprises lightweight aluminium pin, two gold anodised spacers, two rubber seals and a polymer bush. These offer a massive 33-50% weight saving on existing bushes (or a less-massive sounding 4-30g).

vertebrae cable system

Vertebrae Ceramic Housing
From: Vertebrae
Price: If you have to ask…

Kinda like Nokon cabling but made from ceramic rather than metal. “Combining engineering science & industrial design:Vértebræ gear and brake lines are the ultimate upgrade for cable-operated bicycle brake and gear systems. We use the very latest technology and exlusive, advanced materials to create products that will outperform and outlast everything else with absolutely minimal maintenance. Vertebrae cable housing ultimately requires less attention than the competition, not more. The world’s most advanced cable housing.”

easton haven stem

Easton Haven Stem
From: Extra UK
Price: TBC

More purloined goods from Sea Otter. Rufty-tufty but also cute-and-dinkyish stem from Easton. Destined for Matt’s Santa Cruz Blur LT.

pedros track pump

Pedro’s Domestique Track Pump
From: 2Pure
Price: £24.99

Another week, another track pump. You can never have enough right? And at least this one is a charming green colour.

lizard skins aaron chase grips

Lizard Skins Aaron Chase Grips
From: 2Pure
Price: £7.99

Apparently Aaron was a right ole fussy bleeder when it came to designing his own signature grip. Numerous designs were designed, produced and then binned before they came up with this final version. Not lock-on. Long, but not too long. Skinny, but not too skinny. Sticky, but not too sticky. You get the idea… Loads of colour options.

evoc protector backpack

Evoc Freeride Trail M-L Backpack
From: Silverfish UK
Price: £139.95

A backpack and back protector all in one. The back protector can also be detached and worn separately under a jersey for when you want to leave your pack on the side of the trail and just session a section of trail. Swing-open tool pocket with an arrangement for a pump, tube, repair kit, tool kit, an extra-long map pocket and a fleece lined pocket for glasses. There is also a compartment for a bladder.

lezyne great divide pack

Lezyne Great Divide Pack
From: Upgrade
Price: £94.99

Rugged and comfortable, cycling specific, DH/Freeride style hydration pack. 1,500 in3 / 24L total volume. Custom adjustable aluminium spine. Fleece-lined music pocket with water-resistant port. Trail-side tool organization. Multiple compression straps hold gear securely. Ventilated lower pocket. Easy access waist pockets. Includes Lezyne high-flow 3-litre bladder.

genuine innovations mountain pipe

Genuine Innovations Mountain Pipe
From: Zyro
Price: £29.99

The all-alloy Mountain Pipe is a hand pump with a CO2 inflator built right in. The CO2 cartridge stores in the handle when not in use but also doubles as a handle extension for manual inflation. Includes 1 x 16g threaded cartridge, a magnetic closure to keep the barrel locked firmly in place and a hidden container inside the handle containing a Schraeder adapter and 2 glueless patches.

Bontrager Inner Tubes
From: Trek UK
Price: £6.99

Well, everyone needs inner tubes! 🙂

Squirt Long Lasting Dry Lube
From: In2Dust
Price: 120ml £7.99, 500ml £24.95

Squirt is a new generation emulsion chain lubricant. It is a wax based, long lasting dry lube that does not contain harmful solvents and is environmentally friendly which means it “lubricates better, stays on the chain longer and keeps the chain clean” according to the makers.

Time Attac XS Pedals
From: Chicken & Sons
Price: £99.99

Made from a composite body and steel axle, these pedals are “Self Cleaning”, with the makers claiming “mud and dirt cannot stick to the simple “open arch” engagement mechanism which is wiped clean by the cleat as you step into your ATAC XS. The new body design improves self-cleaning of the engagement mechanism”

Ospray Raptor 10
From: Osprey
Price: £74.99

This is the final, no more tinkering, we’re ready to roll, verion of the raptor pack. It’s already raved about in the mtb world and Chipps and Matt were luky enough to secure a few models for useage.

Comments (18)

    Thankyou for Squirt Props.We are in the process of sending you some Sweatsuckers.

    We are at Chevin Cycles on the 1st May degreasing chains and offering free trials.Check out Chevins site for details of their demo day.

    I like the new Easton stuff

    Those ATAC XSs aren’t that new a design are they?


    Like the look of the Evoc pack. Am torn between the version in your pic and the CC 16L. How big is the one you show in comparison to say a Camelbak Mule?

    I had to google what a “Ultra Light Weight Mount Kits” was. Still rather underwhelmed/puzzled, but hey. I’m sure someone will like it.

    Was very impressed with the Squirt lube on a three day camping trip, I’ve not used a lube before that actually makes the bike feel smoother when pedalling.

    Still only got 60-70km before I needed to re-apply, but a five minute stop was no big shakes in the scheme of things!

    99e for cables. That’s reasonable.

    Sorry, that should have read 199e for Shimano MTB cable kit.

    Well, everyone needs inner tubes!

    Not for seven quid apiece I don’t…

    well at least the vertebrae ceramic cable houses offer “•Totally silent operation.”, according to their site.

    thank god for that, cos all the noise coming from my cables when i shift gear was really getting me down…

    i like the look of those shorts – i’ll gladly model/test them if you’re all too manly 🙂

    Chipps and Matt were luky enough to secure a few models for useage

    Lukcy gits! Osprey packs are superb!

    those carbon (aka plastic) pedals are rather similar to the ones i bought a few years back – they lasted about 6 months. all the plastic, sorry carbon, wears down very quickly as all your weight is on a small area. my 10yr old Aliums are still going strong though!

    99 euros for a gear cable housing you gotta be kidding, whats the point. Elminates cable rub, not sure how, but if it doesn’t the cermic outer will still be cutting through the frame even after the frame has corroded to dust, great!!

    used the squirt stuff for the first time about six weeks ago and haven’t had to clean the chain since. very impressed so far

    +1 for Osprey’s superbness….!

    Ooo, a pedros track pump.
    maybe i’ll splash out and buy a proper one to replace teh 3 quid lidl one i got 4 years ago and…. wait… hang on….. that IS the 3 quid lidl one i got 4 years ago, with a green rattle can spray job.
    thats some expensive paint!

    (fwiw, the 3 quid lidl one is still going strong, and is brilliant)

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