Sea Otter: KS Components with new posts and rear shocks.

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So it's a rear shock... Yes, but that's an aluminium spring! Still in development, but if it proves durable, it'll offer an air-assist coil. Interesting...
The top end KS post has this neat remote lever that'll integrate with a lock-on grip flange.
Seat angles on bikes are getting slacker, so many manufacturers are also offering zero setback posts.
Yep, there's a colour-coding kit. It'll also offer a remote upgrade for posts that don't have them
What the...? The thing stopping 27.2 uppy/downy posts from working is that there simply wasn't room for all the gubbins. Hence this new KS post with Remote Gubbins(tm). It's clompy, but it'll offer post adjustment for the lies of the current Orange five. That's a new, simpler seatclamp too.
A trio of KS posts.


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    Aluminium spring, eek!
    I though ally wasnt great at dealing with repeated stress cycles….

    I guess it depends on the extend of the stress. It works pretty well in aeroplane wings…

    The new remote is available now with the regular KS i900R seatpost as well as the “top end” zero setback one.

    I guess it’s not a promising sign that they weren’t showing their seatpost with an I-beam clamp on it. 🙁

    Decent seals on the posts this time? Previous ones were useless in wet conditions.

    “The top end KS post has this neat remote lever that’ll integrate with a lock-on grip flange”

    The problem is that because the lever is so ‘proud’ from the grip, that if you run it next to the grip, you can’t actually operate the lever without completely repositioning your hand from a riding position. I’ve ended up running it the other side of the (now windowless) shifter and brake clamps, exactly where the older lever used to sit. It hasn’t broken yet though, unlike the last 2 older type remote levers

    pedalhead – My original KS post got sent back twice under warranty but this third time round it seems to be standing up to use a lot better than it previously did. I am probably too much of a wuss for it to have been exposed to particularly unpleasant conditions but it has survived general riding around Edinburgh for the last few months.

    james – Exactly my experience too. If the remote were right next to my grip it would be in a terrible position so sticking it on the other side of the shifter and the brakes is the best option. Integrating it with a grip isn’t much use but if it could be integrated with the shifter or brake clamp (a bit like Avid/SRAM Matchmaker clamps I suppose) that’d be useful.

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