Be A Better Rider: Part 3 – Mind Tricks

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In the third part of our video series, Jon has headed to the mythical Herts Shore to meet Tony ‘Jedi’ Doyle of UK Bike Skills to talk about how ‘north shore’ is just singletrack and why people can perform small drops but balk at larger ones despite the physical technique being exactly the same. It’s all in the mind…

If you’ve missed the other two parts then take a look at our Vimeo channel to catch up as well as seeing all the other nice things we’ve made…

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    not watched the video…got scared just looking at the stuff behind him!

    it was windy that day hence the wind noise. all un rehearsed and single takes though 🙂
    keeping it real since 1968 🙂 🙂

    its just single track and it just another drop… nae bother then lol

    i think this was a good addition to the series. agreed on the “man up” thing being not very useful. ditto for “adrenaline junkie”. much more helpful to look at stuff like drops etc. as a progression……

    Very good and some good points raised. Trouble is in this example I is $hit scared of woodwork. Even 6″ makes me panic and seeing those constructions is just madness. But at the end of the day the talk was of drops and it was put over well.

    Good stuff.

    No comedy beard for Jedi? Thought it would be a trademark for the series!

    Well thats clear then. I can’t jump off a small jump consistently so I’m right not to muscle up for a bigger drop

    Wood work. I’m now OK on wood up to foot off the ground. What made the diffrence to me was “look at the centre of the wood where you want to be, not the edge”. We end up where we’re looking

    nice one tony, think you just convinced me to book a skills course with you next month. where do you prefer to teach?

    my herts skills area is totally private 🙂
    singletrack trail with loads of sections plus small drops/tabletops 🙂

    anywhere in mind? im in nottingham but am happy to travel

    Good stuff.
    Nice one Jon.

    Slowrider, you can come and practice on my garden shed, if you like- it’s closer to notts and half the price!!

    Good vid Mr. Jedi.

    Great video but for the even less able amongst us, could you show us just what you mean about that physical part of it, that little push?

    : P

    I watch that and I don’t think “how would I ever make that drop?”, I think “how would I ever ride along that skinny woodwork to that drop?”

    Great vid – the thing is despite the woodwork and big drops being just like singletrack and small drops, the consequences of an error are not the same! Hence my caution! When I can ride any bit of singletrack without any error and get the landing of every single drop I do spot on 100% of the time I might try some big stuff!

    Great stuff Jedi you have really hit the nail on the head with that and very well explained. I totally agree with what you say about concentration. I certainly find that fear stops my concentration. I look forward to getting a lesson.

    Slowrider, I’m also in Nottingham and I’ve been thinking of doing the same for a while.

    thanks for the kind words about the video 🙂

    For those hung up on the woodwork in the background, just ignore it, pretend it’s not there. I’m shit scared of heights, you wouldn’t catch me doing any “north shore” style riding more than a foot off the ground, but everything that Jedi says in this video is totally true and can be applied anywhere. That they chose to shoot the vid on location at Herts shore with the skinnies in the background is neither here nor there really, focus on what he’s saying instead.

    I’ve been riding for 15 years or so, I’ve got a reasonable skill set but many bad habits, and didn’t know the correct technique for approaching drops or corners. Just follow the man’s advice, it really works!

    Completely convinced, must be the Jedi mind bending, so after 17 years of not leaving the ground I’ve booked a session to face the Fear……in November…….I will report back, who knows I might be able to sell the story back to Singletrack 😉

    Bear in mind Jedi’s training abilities are not just limited to Drops/Jumps – they cover the whole skill set.

    I had a one-to-one a month or so ago and heartily recommend it – and am currently in the middle of trying to replace my bad habits with the goodness Tony taught me.

    Each one-to-one lesson is likely to be somewhat unique as Tony assesses how he feels you are best likely to absorb instruction and teaches you in that manner.

    hodge1365, now you know 🙂

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