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The moniker ‘internet sensation’ gets chucked around a lot these days but Danny MacAskill’s video back in April 2009 has probably done more to bring mountain biking to the attention of the YouTube masses than anyone else. If a non riding work colleague asked you if you’d seen “that biking video” then you could be pretty sure which biking video they were on about.

(c) Andy McCandlish/Red Bulll Photofiles

After turning down high profile interviews in America, the Inspired Bicycles rider has starred in promo videos for VW and Doves, but it’s been a bit quiet on the riding video front. Turns out he’s been quiet because, along with Red Bull, he’s been working on a little something special. That something has been Way Back Home, with Danny taking a trip journey from Edinburgh to Skye, resulting in a spectacular seven minutes of trials-meets-BMX-meets-mountain biking madness. Get your eyes around this…

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    He’s got some big balls to pull some of those moves.

    Could watch that boy ride all day … lovely chap to boot.

    Wow. Really pushing the boundaries. And beautifully shot, too.

    Beautiful video, amazing riding. Cheers

    bike handling pr0n. pure and simple.

    I particularly like the ramp up to the phone box, the railings outside the cop shop, leaping the five bar gate, the somersault off Edinburgh Castle, the leap backwards onto the butress and so on. Quite amazing. I can’t even do a decent wheelie.

    Awesome bike skills and a joy to watch

    would be nice if there was sufficient bandwidth to watch it

    Am i right in thinking that between Danny Mac and Chris Akrigg we lead the world in mountain bike/freerunning?

    anyone knows the 2 songs ?

    front flip off the battlements at the start, i wasn’t expecting that!

    Like it, didn’t make me go “wow!” like the first one but v.good. I like some of the little stuff like that skid on the big pipe and the natural(ish) halfpipe he drops down/rides up.
    Bike handling pr0n indeed.

    DONK – I lreally liked that little skid too, many good moments but loved the sheer attack he bunnyhopped that gate with and also the house wall ride:)

    Front flip off the castle wall at the beginning…FFS, even my wife who despairs of my mountain bike video viewing was impressed by that.

    Wonder what he could do on a big bouncy bike at the Red Bull Rampage?

    Impressive as always….I loved the peat ramp for the phone box…brought back memories of Skye…

    The most inspiring seven and a bit minutes of footage i’ve seen all year.

    The boys’ gone and done it again.

    Take THAT bmx!!

    Front flip was amazing and another vote for the pipe skid here, liked the cottage wall ride too

    Awesome stuff – and that last closing shot is inspiring.

    great stuff , i can just about manage a 4 inch bunny hop, music credits are at the end,

    lovely stuff, the pipe skid twist thing looked brill. not too keen on the super wide lenses which made it hard to appreciate the distances involved, and its quite harshly contrasty, lots of black shadow detail. but the riding… yikes!

    no need for angel summoner

    Either Danny MacAskill is some sort of top-secret military robotics project, or the whole film is some very clever digital animation.

    I can see no other rational explanation for the super-human feats displayed! :-O

    That is truly the most amazing thing I have ever seen and the soundtrack was nice too.

    Beautifully shot and that guy can sure as hell ride a bike and then some !!!

    STUNNING..made the hairs on my arms stand up…….

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