Chris Akrigg Broken!

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This just in about Chris Akrigg – get well soon fella!

It’s with distinct sadness to have to inform everyone that the seemingly indestructible Chris Akrigg has badly injured himself whilst out filming for his next video.

Chris was attempting a particularly difficult line, as always, this time down a large cliff drop when he had the accident which has left him with a shattered leg and broken arm. Thankfully Chris was wearing a helmet and his spine was left untouched or things could have been even worse than they already are.

Chris was operated on last night and has had a metal rod inserted through his leg which each of the 4 pieces of bone will be screwed to. His arm was also pinned in the 4 hour surgery. He’s in good spirits this morning but will need all the support of his friends, colleagues and the biking community in general over the next few months to come back strong from this one.

Prime position for watching the Royal Wedding anyway.

We’d like to wish Chris all the support we possibly can with his recovery, everyone at CSG UK and Mongoose in the US is thinking of him and I’m sure there are plenty of other people who’d like to show him some support too and help him get back onto his bike entertaining us all with his incredible style as soon as possible.

Please show Chris some support on twitter @chrisakrigg on facebook or on his website where we’ll be keeping everyone up to date on his progress.

As if anyone needed a reminder of how Chris has entertained us with his unique skills over the last 15 plus years, here’s his latest work here.

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    So he is human after all!

    Get fixed soon Chris.

    Raced against him in a “drag” race at Mountain mayhem, seems like the kind of fella this wonderful sport breeds.
    get well soon mate.

    Get well soon Chris, you better let me sign ur cast!

    such a great rider, get well soon chris!

    Inspirational… mend quickly.

    Heal soon Chris, looking forward to the comeback video already.

    My favourite rider to watch, by far. All the best.

    Oooof! Glad its all repairable injuries.
    Now you’ve GOT to watch the royal wedding in hospital. My condolences!


    Wishing you well for a speedy and strong recovery of : )

    Nice to see Lucozade in its natural habitat : )

    I bet his hospital bed is brakeless!

    Get well soon you 2 wheeled mentalist 🙂

    Glad there’s no head or spine injury! Get well soon Chris!

    What’s the betting he goes back and nails that line.

    Worlds greatest all round rider. Speedy recovery.

    have a morphine on me you crazy goat! mend quick!

    @ Akrigg – everyone fluffs it sometimes, you know that. You must also be aware of the legend you’ve become so get well soon, get well soon & I’ll be thinking about you mate.

    as per everyone else,get well soon 🙂

    Best wishes – one of the most inspirational riders currently in the sport, in my humble. Probably still show me up, cast an’ all…

    is it just me who wants to see the footage of the incident in question (at least up to the moment just before impact!)?

    hard luck, CA – get well soon!

    Probably for the only time ever, we have one thing in common Chris – I’m also stuck recovering from a sports-induced leg operation (much more trifling than yours!).

    Get well soon! Race you to those first difficult steps across the room……!

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