Sea Otter: Cannondale’s Scalpel 29er

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Cannondale has added to its 29er offering with a new Scalpel race/trail bike.

Here’s the quick and dirty on it:

As seen it’s 21.4lb/9.6kg. Frame and shock are 1900g
It comes out in September/October time and will come in Small to XL.
100mm travel front and rear
It’s all carbon
Press Fit 30 BB, 142×12 rear end
Designed for 2×10 and it has an E-type front mech.
Angles are 70/73.5, BB height is 13.2in, chainstays are 17.8in


This is the first 29er Cannondale has offered in a small size. On that, there isn't a supporting strut on the top tube, so the suspension mounts are unchanged through the sizes. Just the strut moves up as sizes increase.


In order to reduce standover, the lower headset bearing is internal.


That's a 100mm Lefty fork there.


Slim, flexing seatstays, but Cannondale has put a 15mm diameter pivot on the chainstays, rather than just relying on chainstay flex, like on the 26in Scalpel.


There's room for a 2.25in tyre with space to spare.


Comments (8)

    did on one design this?

    I suspect that FEA designed this which is why lots of frames are looking very similar…

    Shame though as they all have one thing in common – they look fugly… ah well function over form is a good thing I guess.

    Just when you think wagon wheelers can’t possibly get any uglier, they do! Yuck!

    I think it looks lovely.

    i like it too except the stem .
    I bet it will be dirt cheap too 😉

    Yup – UGLY!

    A better paint job might help. Maybe.

    Rear end / chainstay area and front mech will quickly get mulched up in typical UK mud ?? No tyre clearance it seems at bottom bracket area…

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