iXS MacAvalanche Video

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Last weekend the closest thing the UK has seen to the Mega Avalanche took place on the slopes on Glencoe Mountain Resort, the iXS MacAvalanche. One hundred odd riders, a mass start and 700m of descending across the snow and tundra – and a helicopter uplift. We’ll have a full report with pictures and words up shortly, but in the meantime, here’s the video…

Big thanks to title sponsors iXS Protection, organiser No Fuss Events, the guys from Orange Bikes and all the people that giggled into the lens…

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    Bring on the Wagner 🙂 they never played it on the day, that would have been too much excitement for some of us.
    A very good day out. So whos going next year 🙂

    Love the GPS stuck on the heli window!

    Awesome day, I really want to see some race footage to confirm it was as nuts as it felt.

    The boys from Cycle:Recycle have kindly offered their race footage so we’ll have that up for you tomorrow…

    Looking forward to that!

    Love that footage. Had me grinning all over again. Only one disappointment, no pics or mention of the veteran ladies’ podium…. 😉

    So you chit yourself leading upto it all for no reason,jo? You flippin divvy! Congratulations! DH from now on then?

    well done to the spaniel of many talents and also patrick bruce!

    Awww! How kind 🙂 Dave Flynn at Orange saw my post above and amended the write up on their site, then Michael Bonney found a podium pic of me. Now if they could just find me some additional skillz and pop them in the post…. 😉

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