Danny Supports Children In Need

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Danny MacAskill supports “BBC Children in Need”

Edinburgh, Scotland, November 20th – Danny MacAskill – the Scottish street trial rider made famous through his YouTube video watched by over 12 million people – is auctioning the bike he rode in the clip on Ebay. Money raised will go to BBC Children in Need to help disadvantaged children and young people in the UK.



“It is really exciting auctioning my bike for Children in Need!” Danny points out: “I really hope that it raises a lot of money for this great charity project and gives support to children that need it the most! Remember, the one who buys the bike will instantly be able to do everything in the inspired bikes April video!”

To get a clue, what kind of riding the 23 year old from Edinburgh is talking about, please take a look on the higher quality version of the famous video clip on: www.watch26.tv/video/2628.

It’s his blue bike being for auction at:


The auction ends on November 27th, 19:00 GMT.

If you want to know more about the different ways to support BBC Children in Need, please visit:www.bbc.co.uk/pudsey.

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    can i get a free bowl of yer aunts porridge with it?

    £2,800 with 42 bids and 5 days to go! what type of person will end up getting it ?

    Yeah you’d have to be one to give £1000’s to charity. Wtf?

    It’s the bike featured in the most-watched sports video on Youtube ever – so it’s got a fair bit of kudos to it. If I won it, I wouldn’t be able to ride it any better than the rich (and generous for charity) person that will end up with it.

    It always pains me to see famous musical instruments on the wall of the Hard Rock Cafe as they’re no longer being played, but those that end up there with the proceeds going to charity? Well, I’ll give them that…

    Good one for Danny giving up his bike. However many bikes you have, ones that have been with you on special occasions are hard to let go of.

    Good one for Danny giving up his bike. However many bikes you have, ones that have been with you on special occasions are hard to let go of.

    I for once agree with Chipps. I can’t afford it. And even if I could, the bike would be wasted on me anyway, but it’s good to see people willing to give to charity.

    So, where do you think it’ll reappear?

    “rich prick” If someone is willing to spend soo much on a bike for charity then i like where their heart is and obviously money isnt an issue for them.

    Some times some of you need to keep your typing fingers to yourself and as my mum once said ” if you have nothing worth saying then keep your mouth shut”.

    Fair play to the person that ends up with it. Its a piece of history and a good charity if makes someone part with there cash then thats great.

    How many bikes have ever helped improve the lives of many people? not many this will be one that does.

    I agree with sturider.cant believe someone said that.
    danny showed me the railing that he rode along the other day i was puzzled how he got the bike to balance there.. he was holding a tyre and has since been photoshopped out.i said that i pictured him running away out of the picture before it fell over lol.

    I have to say, no matter whether someone uses it or not, it’s going to a good cause, and I respect anyone who donates that much in a any way, shape or form. Would I prefer it went to someone who will use it? yes. do I still think that it also has its place on a “wall of fame” or some such thing? yes.

    Overriding rule though: It’ll raise cash for children in need, and is therefore A GOOD THING

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