World First! SRAM X-7 Goes Ten Speed

by 55

So, XX and X7 are going ten speed in 2010. Details are below, hot off the press release.
Hmm… Now, what do we think is going to be happening to X9 and X0 eh? 😉

Nice splash of carbon on an SLX-level rear mech...

X7 10-Speed Rear Derailleur
New technologies, finish and family strategy create a cohesive performance story. X7 intends to deliver the highest
value MTB components in its class. We’ve built in our award winning 10 Speed Exact Actuation shifting
technology giving you XX shifting
performance at the X7 level. We upgrade
our materials story with a
3K carbon pulley cage. We added our new Storm Grey Finish and family graphics package.
• 10 Speed, Exact Actuation shifting
• 3K carbon cage
• 36t Cassette compatibility
• New family finish and graphics package
• Storm Grey finish
• High-end materials
• 3 cage lengths: long, medium and
short cage

We wonder if there'll be 45 different ones of these, like there are for XX

X7 10-Speed Front Derailleur
The X7 FD was designed from scratch specifically for 2X10. It’s a critical part of our X-Glide shifting experience: the fastest shift ever. It’s new body is slimmer, lighter and good looking. Offered in a wide variety of clamp-mount and direct-mount options.
• Designed for 2×10
• Dual pull routing
• High and low direct mount options
• Storm gray finish

X7 10-Speed Trigger Shifters
We’ve added our award winning
10 Speed Exact Actuation shifting technology to the new X7 shifters
providing XX shifting performance
at the X7 level. The X7 Trigger
maintains the legacy of SRAM shifting with new technologies optimized
for 2X10. Exact Actuation 10-Speed rear shifters and dedicated 2X10
front shifters. Our new finish and graphics package create a cohesive high performance story.
• Dedicated 2X10.
• 10-Speed Exact Actuation Ratio
• New storm grey finish and family graphics package
• Matchmaker Compatibility
• Removable Clamp
• Impulse Technology
• Slim Profile Design
• Top Cap Cable Change

Ring sizes will be 42 or 39 and 28 or 26 (perhaps for the 29ers?)
Hmm. Boxy but good? What do you reckon?

S1400 2X10 Crank
2X10: Lightning-fast and accurate front shifting, through an all-new, patented, mind-blowing performance technology: X-Glide.
Labeling and finish mesh perfectly with SRAM drivetrain families. S1400 features our OCT Hollow Forged crankarm that are beautiful, strong and light. Our new GXP bottom bracket featuring Gutter Seal technology
promises reduced seal drag and increased bearing life.
• OCT – hollow forged crankarms
• 2X10 X-Glide chain rings
• XR GXP BB system featuring Gutter Technology
• Brushed crankarm texture
• Family finish and graphics

So good it's Giga!

Giga X Pipe (GXP)
Gutter drastically improves sealing against the elements while reducing seal drag. We’ve designed a fresh new cup forging for a new high-end look. A new standard in external bearing performance.
While other systems rely on side loading the bearings to eliminate play, which
causes premature bearing wear, the GXP system is different. The GXP system
captures the left side bearing between the spindle and the left crankarm while allowing the drive-side bearing to float axially on the spindle, thereby eliminating the necessity to side-load bearings during adjustment. The simplicity of installation is refined: once it is tightened to the proper specifications you are ready to roll with a worry free BB. The GXP system uses two bicycle specific cartridge bearings and eight seals for a smooth and long lasting ride.
Ceramic bearings. Red Ano finish
Custom steel bearings. Tungsten finish
Custom steel bearings. Black finish
• Gutter Seal Technology
• New high-end shape and finishes
• Improved tool engagement

Everyone seems to like Avid's Elixir Brakes

X7 Elixir Caliper

Elixir R
Amazing ride quality achieved through our Tapered Bore* and improved pivot location. Less initial power and deep stroke modulation allows the rider to better use and control more powerful brakes. More power through larger caliper pistons.
• Tapered bore lever with
integrated reservoir
• Tools free reach adjust
• Two-piece caliper top
loading pads
• MatchMaker compatible
• Improved modulation
• Increased power
• Reduced weight

More affordable 10-speed and hopefully, this will ease the minds of XX owners too...

The new PowerGlide™ 1050 cassette performance is optimized by material choice, tooth profile and shift ramp design for quick and positive index shifting. Our new cassette features a semi-spidered construction for a maximum stiffness to weight ratio and is available in many optimized configurations to best match a wide variety of uses.
• PG-1050 cassette ranges –
11-32, 12-36T
• Steel Lockring and lockring finish
• Cog spacers and spacer finish
• A new choice for high level 10 speed shifting performance.
• PowerGlide technology allows for a unmatched transition between gears when up and down shifting
• Semi-spidered design is light, strong, and efficient

SRAM offers hubs too - nothing dramatic, but expect to see them fitted as OE stuff on bikes.

X7 Hub set
The smoothness of cartridge
bearings at X7 level
• The first hub offering cartridge
bearings at this price point
• The SRAM brand name and the full service worldwide
• Consistent spec and artwork

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Comments (55)

    assuming this will all be priced the same as the current X7 – looks like a winner to me.

    is this all aimed at XC racing? or do the double + bash guard people get a look in?

    Winner! Cue lots of 1 x 10 threads. Shame the cassette isn’t in a 11 – 36 guise though.

    interesting… if i had regular wheels (non SS specific) on my 29er, i’d be running it 1×10 with this i think…

    my other bike has just been upgraded with XTR shifters etc, so it’ll be a while until i go 10 speed on that 😉

    good point rickos – my 1×9 setup could do with an extra cog for the climbs.. but could also do with keeping the 11t for the downs…

    I wonder if there will be a BB30 option with X0 or XX?


    x7 10spd? and here I am wishing I was running 8spd after a winter of mud and more mud has killed my drivetrain yet again.
    Shapes are nice but I’m unsure about the weird DuraAce blue colour!

    the 1050 will have an 11-36 option….

    Is nobody gonna do 3×10?

    what is ‘family finish’ btw?!

    It means new X7 style – all the components make up the X7 family – at least that’s how I read it (unless they mean X7,X9,X0,XX are all part of the same family)

    yep all this 2×10 is no good for slow boys like me that have a little trouble on the climbs, did not the big S when they went 9 on the xtr soon change to 3 as no one wanted it(could be wrong i normaly am), single speed i have no time for as they always seem to get off and walk when ever i come up behind them on a techy section

    2×10 is going to be brilliant. I’m really quite slow these days and I’m using 2×9 with no problem – 24×34 lowest gear and 36×11 top gear – plenty of range for everything you’ll ride off road though too low fast road descents but then that’s not what my mtb’s for 🙂

    ps showerman, yes, you’re wrong 🙂

    Im with flowmtbguy,why when lots(most round yer) of us have dropped our big rings in favour of a bashguard,do they want to sell us a xc set up that does away with the granny ring,or have we gone back in a xc time warp to 1994 again.

    Is there really anything wrong with 3*9? Or is it just being a bit of a biffa I can’t get exxcited by fractional weight saving in exchange for a shed load of cost and a lack of interchangeability with other bikes?

    Bah humbug to your progession of bicycle components. Who needs it? Hang on……

    world.of.spom – 2×9+bash was the last fad. 2×10 is the new fad. Get with the program.

    Some people don’t seem to understand that 2×10 actually gives a better spread of ratios and less duplicated ratios than 3×9.

    I’m very excited about 2×10. Its going to be really good for mtbing.

    Bring back 8 speed!

    I’m sure i never had to change cassettes and chains quite like to do with 9. So who knows what the change intervals will be like for 10.

    Right, where is that XT thumb shifter?

    I dont mind the idea,its no good complaining about wear rates,the tighter tolerences required (less tolerence to componet wear )and less resistance to the perils of riding in mud (smaller gaps between cogs and chainrings for the mud to squeese out of ).Just like the new Tesco”s down the road, its no good complaining as you are going to get it anyway.I just find it strange that its being geared for a XC set up that few people now use,who now needs 42 tooth outer ring anyway unless..
    1/ you are tearing down a fireroad (why not save your energy for the proper riding)
    2/ Riding down a hill flat out on the road (why)
    3/ you are Steve Peat

    There is a bb30 option with XX, that’s what I’m running on my longtermer. Clearing is better than any 9 speed cassette I’ve used in the past, so far nothing is showing any signs of wear.

    ,who now needs 42 tooth outer ring anyway unless..

    people who ride there bike on the road maybe? We don’t all spend our time driving to the local trail centre unloading the bike having a chat in the carpark, before doing the first climb, stopping a few times on the way for a chat, then heading bac down. Stopping for some lunch and a chat, before maybe doing the climb/decent cycle again. Then putting the bike in the car and driving home.

    Just a thought.

    I wouldn’t buy it because it is sram, from experience it will probably snap.

    I quite like my SRAM stuff, but the proof of this pudding will be the price.

    If it’s a substantial hike over the current X7 range, I shan’t bother but if it’s like for like then I may well have a punt.

    The longevity of the cassette and chain will be of interest also, especially if SRAM do decide to lift the prices.

    I like the big jumps between 24/34/44. Up, flat, down

    Everyone seems to like Avid’s Elixir Brakes

    Apart from bike shop workers who have to do half a dozen caliper rebuilds a week gratis because the pistons are made of Edam

    I’ve just sold my Elixir CRs, they were shit

    mrmo…. that is the funniest thing i have ever read (and so true)..
    if you dont use your big ring, youre not trying hard enough.. ;o)

    Those of us in the flatlands of the East like 44T outer rings off-road.


    Everyone seems to like Avid’s Elixir Brakes

    Apart from bike shop workers who have to do half a dozen caliper rebuilds a week gratis because the pistons are made of Edam

    I’ve just sold my Elixir CRs, they were shit”

    Like most of Avid stuff IMO, great till it has to work through a British winter

    I personally think that the X7 chainset looks better than the XX one. Don’t know how much an XX crank costs (£350?) but got to be the worst looking high end crank on the market. The FSA 2 ring job is much nicer, as is the new 2 piece Middleburn.

    Bet this b@ggers any chance of me getting a decent price for my 3×9 X9 kit when I stick it on the classified forum. “So last decade daarling!”

    That rear mech still looks cheap and plasticky – carbon cage aside, the main mechanism area look awful.

    Front mech looks nice, brakes also look nice as does the cassette…the chainset looks a bit cheap as well (it might well be cheap but this shouts cheap – which I think is a shame – is it my eyes or do the rings looks slightly elliptical?).

    Hubs again look cheap but I’m not sure why.

    Shifters look nice.

    I thin overall if it was on a bike as a complete groupset then I’d be quite happy with it but the chainset and rear mech certainly detract from the overall look – but I’m sure they work very well. End of the day if it works then I’d be happy to use it as I’m not really into looks over function (although in this case I seem to have based my whole opinion on looks – but I haven’t ridden it so don’t know how it functions yet).

    10 speed cassettes will never catch on, totally un-suitable for muddy winters. A bit like 7 speed wouldn’t, or 8 speed or even 9 speed, oh, wait a minute,

    Carbon cage? I thought it was a sticker!


    But they have to keep us spending money somehow B-(

    Do we need 10 speed, is there a particular advantage over 9?

    The cassette ratio’s are the same, can’t see the point personally.

    when shimano patented a 13speed cassette a few years back everyone thought it was stupid. now that 10 speed is going to be commonplace, well 13 looks almost realistic.
    its funny how the same conversations crop up every few years. similiar stuff was being said when 7 speed become common, re chain strength, mud clearance, etc etc.
    I cant help being cynical, as per above “Do we need 10 speed, is there a particular advantage over 9?”
    oh & big rings? I know plenty of strong cyclists who climb in the big ring, not just for the flats & downhills. we should at least have the choice.

    Will a 10 speed system cope with mud better than a 9 speed system?

    Did I miss something?

    I’ve been using 10 speed cassettes in the mud for ages. Cross racing is a lot, lot muddier than riding a mountain bike through a winter and 10 speed has worked fine for that.
    I’m glad things are going 10, contrary to what hillsplease says, I think it means more interchangeability. Stuff wears out, so needs replacing anyway. I’ve just changed an 8 speed bike to 9 speed due to the components wearing and the 9 speed works just as well, if not better.
    The main thing about this is the huge cassette you can have, meaning you can climb hills but still have a nice spread of gears.
    Currently I just use the granny if I’m tired, so this will mean a different way of using it, but bring on change. It might well mean less shifting the front ring when climbing.

    Cannot wait to see Shimanos offerings.

    Oh yeah, I notice no difference in wear with 9 speed stuff. I have noticed that there has been a large drop in quality from a certain manufacture who always had a reputation for quality chains. Getting a different brand in chains has meant that the gears last just as long.

    There is definitely a lot of misunderstanding out there about the spread of gears and ratios you get with different setups.

    I think singletrack could help us all out here – do an article on it and show us all the different possible combinations on charts. That would help people understand and also help people realise the real differences between the possible setups.

    P.S. personally I really like the idea of having a 2×10 setup which gives me the same spread of ratios as a 3×9 setup but with better front shifting and a lot less duplication of gears.

    Gear inches from sheldon’s gear calculator with a 26×1.9″ tyre….

    Standard 3×9
    44 32 22
    11 103 74.9 51.5
    12 94.4 68.7 47.2
    14 80.9 58.9 40.5
    16 70.8 51.5 35.4
    18 62.9 45.8 31.5
    21 54 39.2 27
    24 47.2 34.3 23.6
    28 40.5 29.4 20.2
    32 35.4 25.8 17.7

    2×10 with the 11-32 cassette
    42 28 39 26
    11 98.3 65.5 11 91.3 60.9
    12 90.1 60.1 12 83.7 55.8
    14 77.3 51.5 14 71.7 47.8
    16 67.6 45.1 16 62.8 41.8
    18 60.1 40.1 18 55.8 37.2
    20 54.1 36.1 20 50.2 33.5
    22 49.2 32.8 22 45.6 30.4
    25 43.3 28.8 25 40.2 26.8
    28 38.6 25.8 28 35.9 23.9
    32 33.8 22.5 32 31.4 20.9

    2×10 with the 12-36 cassette
    39 26 42 28
    12 83.7 55.8 12 90.1 60.1
    14 71.7 47.8 14 77.3 51.5
    16 62.8 41.8 16 67.6 45.1
    18 55.8 37.2 18 60.1 40.1
    20 50.2 33.5 20 54.1 36.1
    22 45.6 30.4 22 49.2 32.8
    25 40.2 26.8 25 43.3 28.8
    28 35.9 23.9 28 38.6 25.8
    32 31.4 20.9 32 33.8 22.5
    36 27.9 18.6 36 30 20

    Cassettes might be slightly different, but shows the idea. Effectively the 2×10 will lose 1/2 – 1 1/2 gears at the top or bottom of the range compared with the 3×9, but there is less overlap between the gears, so about 7 gears the same instead of 12.

    that didnt work did it…

    No, but I think you described the point well with your last paragraph.

    I think there is going to be a significant price hike, carbon caged current rear mech (X-0) is around £150RRP, carbon caged shiny new X-7 with all the 10 speed hype/fact/bullsh1t/benefit whichever your take on it is I imagine will take the price up, wouldn’t be surprised at £100 rrp for effectively an entry level mech

    surely, as we’re going from 27-spd (3×9) to 20-spd (2×10) then there should be an equivalent price reduction of 25%
    what? it doesn’t work like that?
    prices have gone up by 25% you say?
    of course they have…

    Why make the cage out of carbon when parts of the mech are clearly still made of pressed steel – ridiculous.

    re: the price, I’d say rrp at launch isn’t too relevant. XX is still very pricey, but you can get a whole XX groupset for £1200 now, whereas at launch they were quoting $328 for the cassette iirc.

    2×10 is clearly gonna happen for all of us, but there’s no rush to ditch perfectly good 3×9 setups for it. so why worry?

    Everyone seems to like Avid’s Elixir Brakes

    Apart from bike shop workers who have to do half a dozen caliper rebuilds a week gratis because the pistons are made of Edam
    I’ve just sold my Elixir CRs, they were shit”
    Like most of Avid stuff IMO, great till it has to work through a British winter

    try washing your bike properly after each ride – my elixirs are as good as the day i fitted them

    I’d hope they would be better than the day they were fitted…bedding in and all that would hopefully make them work better…

    Perfect if it was available 22 x 36 (with or without bash) – I’d rather lose a few top end gears and keep my bottom end than lose a bit of both.

    I’d love to give 10 x 2 a try… maybe with Hammertime?

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