Eurobike: Genesis, Surly, Salsa

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We have plenty, plenty more Eurobike stories to come, so let’s get things started with a visit to the Salsa and Surly booths.

As seen in our Sea Otter coverage, Salsa has some smart new racks coming out that’ll please the bikepackers out there. They’re gently curved to take a sleeping bag or tent with plenty of bungee attachments too.

Rear rack on a Fargo - we've heard rumours of a titanium Fargo coming out at Interbike too.

Here's the front rack as mounted on a Vaya - looks ideal for a tiny sleeping bag.

A huge tyre. Must be a Surly. Nope, it's a Salsa Mukluk

Salsa has a new snowbike called the Mukluk – space as usual for 4in super huge tyres, but this has a non-offset back end so that (with included spacer) you can run ‘regular’ 135mm 29er wheels in it when you’re not snow-biking.

Quite chunky then. We like the heavenly sun rays kissing it.

Over to Surly, next door. There are some revisions, a brand new model, a huge trailer and a move away from the beige and brown palette of previous years.

Here's the Steamroller with new 'Open bars'

Beige still lives on in the Steamroller. Behind is the new blue Cross Check.

The snow bike that (mostly) started it all, the Pugsley. All Surlys now get a dropped top tube (and that little joining tube) for more standover.

The Rolling Darryl is a 'lightweight' new snow rim coming in at 'just' 740g each.

Now what on earth is that? It's the new Surly trailer...

It's a complex looking dropout, but it allows direct mount of the new trailer, plus options for B.O.B. nuts too.

The new Surly Troll. It's basically a geared 1x1 frame, but also has dropouts to take the new trailer.

A low-down universal joint keeps the weight low with minimal effect on steering. The claimed payload of the new trailer (which comes in short or long) is 300lbs. It even features threaded bosses so you can construct your own framework/box sides.

Many human-powered delivery companies are already ordering them. US price will be $750, so it's not for casual trips to the pub.

We'd like to thank SRAM for countless fine coffees during the show. (Though next time, please let Matt have one too.)

Genesis bikes has been busy over the summer. There are many new versions of popular models – and indeed this was the first time that Genesis had exhibited on its own at the show. Still nearly warm from the welder was the first run of the new prototype titanium hardtail.

Here you can see the 44mm headset 'standard' allowing you to run tapered forks, check out that flattened top tube too and the Crud Catcher mounts.

Even the insides of the dropouts have been weight-relieved.

A new chainstay plate allows mud clearance AND narrow cranks.

We expect to see lots of these buzzing round a town near you soon.

This is a very interesting new Genesis. A Day One 'cross bike, but with (current) eight speed Alfine and disc brakes. World tour? Cyclocross race? Both

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    “This is a very interesting new Genesis. A Day One ‘cross bike, but with new 11speed Alfine and disc brakes. World tour? Cyclocross race? Both”

    If that really is the 11 speed with a drop bar shifter i hope you got details or prepare to be lynched buy the STW mob upon your return!
    (or is that just the normal alfine8 with a Versa shifter?)

    New Surley looks ace, like the new geometry

    What STATO said…. and are those XD-Lite 700c rims now available retail, or still OEM??

    Ahh, let me check… 🙂
    /Checked/ Ah, ’twas an eight speed Alfine. Sorry for the misinformation there!

    what the …. is going on with headsets these days?
    every year theres a new standard!

    is it my imagination or are “standards” lasting less and less time?

    Chipps – that sound you can hear are my hopes and dreams deflating….. 😉

    what the …. is going on with headsets these days?
    every year theres a new standard!

    Yep, that’s why Hope is currently offering five different upper cups and five lower cups. It’s the same with bottom brackets.

    It seems that (in a Blu-Ray vs High Def style) the industry is hoping that it’ll all settle down in a year or two and that everyone will settle on one particular version of each. Or perhaps one for road, one for mountain bikes.

    And one for BMX
    And maybe another for DH bikes… 🙂

    Were Genesis showing their Alfine 11-speed MTB at Eurobike? Got any pics if so?

    I can’t wait for my Mukluk to turn up in November.

    That shiny Genesis frame has some obvious nods to Ragley and those drop-outs look very much like those on the new Soul.

    What I should buy for winter commuting is a nasty old road bike with mudguards. What I feel I may end up with is that Genesis Day 1 Alfine 😉

    Stato/ BB, rims are OE but they are available via Alex in Europe, a helpful guy called Stefan. We can get spares from them and i’d expect you could too, dunno if the cost is wotrh it though. good rims in my exp, they make Shimano alu rims and some DT’s..

    Horatio, the XX44 headset compatibility on our Ti and 853 frames was a new one from Cane Creek released earlier this year, seen on a few custom frames in the States and looked ideal so we delayed this year’s top end frames to make them as future-proof as possible. it’s not a new headtube standard, it’s simply a semi-integrated HT that has a shape and new lower cup to fit a 1.5″ steerer and the geometry was laid out including this lower cup. i was wary of making a change here but this headset style is great and i think it’ll end up being one of the 2 or 3 most common styles.

    topangarider, dropouts are just cowled with replaceable hanger as used on a load of frames for years, we’ve been using solid ti or steel cowled DOs since our first year but a few people asked for replacable on the ti frame, so there they are ) frame RRP should be same as our current frame, £1099.99, TBC.

    the chainstay plate is needed for new 2×10 chainsets that won’t fit many bikes with wide tyre clearances and narrow triple ring clearance, it’s a similar shape to a Ragley yes and a few DJ type bikes had been using that style for a while before us or Ragley, Evil for example. It’s a logical way to shorten the rear end or add room, we prefered to add a plate than mash the stays flat and hadn’t needed to revise it until the new 2×10’s meant a redesign was needed.

    packer, The alfine 11 was there, dunno if they got any pics though sorry – the new site’s live next week. mail me via the Genesis site and i can send one.

    alex, that’s really what the Alf’d Day One is – a commuter that’s a bit more wide-ranging and not dressed up as a commuter. Makes a nice weekend tour bike too.


    We’ve just had news from Vin Cox that he’s got the Guiness World Record for his 163 day round-the-world ride – riding the Genesis Croix De Fer with Alfine hub that was inspiration / encouragement / testing for the Day One Alfine.

    Good work Vin! – Vin rode in aid of the Geoff Thomas Foundation

    Is the Day One running the Versa shifter or are Shimano doing an Alfine compatible shifter now?

    It is a Versa shifter.

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