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Sim’s been living on the hill with a camera for the weekend to record the racing and general goings on. He’s survived on nothing but wild haggis he’s caught himself and drinking bog water. There’s a cafe at the top of the hill, someone really should have told him.
Anyway, here’s Sim’s top 10 shots of Fort William 2011 so far.

Sun? At Fort William? You bet.
The reason the track has boardwalk sections. The top of the hill is covered in pools of water, bog and soil that seems intent on either pulling your shoe off your foot or sending you skidding down the hill.
Two scars that run down the mountain; the track and the stream.


The road gap is new for this year and comes at the end of a particularly tricky root section which robs riders of valuable speed.
One of these is a vicious biting creature.
The 4X was possibly the best seen at Fort William with plenty of risk taking going on.


Jared Graves might not have won (he finished fifth) but he consistently took the crowd pleasing lines.
Sometimes things don't go to plan. Joost Wichman was set for a win until a slightly screwed landing saw him on the deck.


Joey Gough from the UK finished second in the women's 4X, she, unsurprisingly and deservedly, got the biggest cheer.
Team Singletrack. How awesome are we? Er…

All pics by Sim.


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