Lezyne Helmet Lite Drive 1200+ LED review

Lezyne Helmet Lite Drive 1200+ LED has eight LEDs, delivering a broad 1,200 lumenbeam, 60-hour runtime and USB-C port recharging.

Singletrack Issue 151: I ❤️ My Night Riding Gear

Hannah brings you the clothing and hardware that keeps her spinning through the long winter evenings. Words Hannah Photography Amanda Night riding… it’s something of a necessary evil in the...

Garmin Varia RCT715 Rear Light, Camera and Radar review

The Garmin Varia RCT715 records footage of vehicles approaching behind. It’ll can give you a warning sound that a vehicle is coming.

Exposure Six Pack MK12 Review

The Exposure Six Pack MK12 is the flagship off-road riding light from British illumination experts. Over 5,000 lumens of trail torching.

Exposure Zenith MK2

Exposure Zenith MK2 review

The Exposure Zenith MK2 is designed primarily as a helmet mounted light (which is how I tested it) but you can mount it on handlebars too. This latest MK2 version...

Magicshine Monteer 8000S Galaxy V2 review

For all out brightness, the Magicshine Monteer 8000S is a great light. But does that mean it\'s for you? It might depend on who you ride with.

Buyers Guide to the Best Mountain Bike Lights

These are the best mountain bike lights that will extend your riding season into the winter months and beyond!

Magicshine Monteer 8000 Galaxy

Review – Magicshine Monteer 8000 Galaxy you’re never going to need more light!

Magicshine’s latest 8000 lumen Monteer is less of a light and more like your very own personal solar flare for the trail! Winter might bring cold weather, mud, rain, and...

Ravemen PR1600 Review: One Light For All Occasions?

Singletrack\'s \'other\' Lakeland product tester, Piers, gets out after hours in order to bring us this Raveman PR1600 review   I confess that I had not heard of Raveman before…

Review: Gloworm Alpha and X2 Lights – For Night Riders And Wildlife Safaris?

“How much? For bike lights!”, said pretty much every non-mountain biker when asking how much the super bright torches attached to our bikes and helmets cost us. It wasn’t always...

lezyne deca drive i1500 led light handlebar

Review: The Deca Drive 1500i Is Lezyne’s Most Powerful LED Light And Is Nearly Perfect Out Of The Box

Pumping out no fewer than 1500 Lumens, the Deca Drive i1500 is Lezyne\'s most powerful LED light yet. And it\'s got a neat trick too.

Review: ITUO XP2 & XP3 Lights

Chinese brand ITUO is aiming to bring high performance LED lights to a more accessible price point. So, how did the XP2 and XP3 go in our group test?

Review: Hope R2 & R8+ Lights

We test the compact Hope R2 light, and the massively-bright Hope R8+ light as part of our Combo Light Group Test.

Review: Gloworm CX Trail & X2 Lights

Kiwi brand Gloworm has been producing high-powered LED bike lights for a few years now. We check out the latest X2 and the CX Trail lights from Gloworm.

Review: Exposure Diablo MK8 & Toro MK8 Lights

The Diablo & Toro MK8 are the newest iterations of Exposure\'s popular helmet and handlebar lights. Made in the UK with a neat cable-free design.

Review: Ituo Wiz-XP3 Light

Does this light have our tester Tom beaming?

Review: Cycliq Fly 6 Rear Light and Camera

A rear light and camera combo to give you the benefit of hindsight

Review: Cycliq Fly 12 Front Light and Camera

Bez tests out this front light and camera combo

Review: Knog Qudos GoPro light

A well-made Cree-powered GoPro light. Any downsides? David investigates

Review: Ituo Wiz20

Mid-range all-in-one brightness from Ituo

Review: LED Lenser XEO 19R Light

More attachments than you can shake a stick at, and 2000 lumens on max power - how did Sanny get on with this light?

Buyers Guide: Lights to be Seen By

Sanny casts his critical gaze upon five sets of great lights to be seen by.

Review: Dosun LR260 Rear Light

There\'s no shortage of rear lights on the market - does this one stand out from the crowd?

Review: Cat Eye Volt 6000 Light

Sanny has seen the future of bike lights. It’s bright. VERY bright!

Review: Orp Smart Horn and Light

Sanny toots his own horn.

Hope R8 front light.

The R8 light is Hope’s flagship light model, which it claims “turns night into day”; a bold call

Lupine Neo 2 light.

It\'s officially autumn now (according to the Met O) so here\'s a lights review for you.

Exposure Revo light and dynamo hub

Never-ending lighting: the solution to all our night ride problems?

Lezyne Zecto Drive Pro Light

Do small things come in neat and beautiful packages?

Lumicycle Explorer Enduro lights

Does this brand new, but retro compatible light, shine?