The Grinder: Zefal Bike Taxi Tow Rope, Continental Argotal, Fox Dropframe helmet, Zipp 1ZERO HiTop Wheels

Is that creak me or the bike? Real-world product reviews from real-world riders.

Halo Ridge Line II Wheels review

These Halo Ridge Line II wheels weigh more than their near rivals but they\'re simply more robust, impressively durable and fit-and-forget.

Scrub Alloy Trail Wheelset

Scrub Alloy Trail Wheelset Review

These Scrub Alloy Trail wheels from one-man-band UK outfit Scrub are what I’d actually spend my own money on.

Hunt Proven Carbon Race Enduro Wheelset Review – UPDATED (Cracked!)

UPDATE: 12/06/23 - Front Rim Cracked

Mavic Crossmax XL S

Mavic Crossmax XL S: mid-term review

The Mavic Crossmax XL S is the flagship alloy trail wheelset from French wheel aficionados Mavic. Touted as the best they’ve ever made.

Reserve 30SL Wheelset Reviewed – properly light and durable wheels

Reserve was founded in 2014, with a simple goal – to make the most reliable and durable carbon wheels on the market, with the best strength to weight ratio possible...

Hunt enduro wide V2

Hunt Enduro Wide V2 – Hard Hitting Hoops That Won’t Break The Bank

The Enduro Wide have been in the Hunt range for a few years now and as the name suggests, they were designed for hard riding on rough and technically demanding...

dt swiss xmc 1501 review

DT Swiss XMC 1501 Spline One wheelset review | “Pretty much perfect”

DT Swiss makes some great wheelsets, but is the DT Swiss XMC 1501 the gold standard of lightweight wheels? Find out in our review. You might be surprised to learn...

halo gravitas review

Halo Gravitas Review | Downhill ready performance that won’t break the bank!

Halo’s new Gravitas wheelset is aimed at downhill riders, and in fact, has already been tested on the Downhill World Cup, so surely they can survive a few months of...

silt carbon am wheel review

Review | SILT Carbon AM 29, strong, light and cheap?

“Strong, light, cheap: pick two” is the phrase that is often punted around, but has SILT managed to tick off all 3 with the new SILT AM Carbon wheels? We...

Nukeproof Horizon V2 Wheelset

Monday Mini Review: Nukeproof Horizon V2 Wheelset

Nukeproof are quickly becoming the kings of sensible, long-lasting kit, so what does Andi make of the Nukeproof Horizon V2 wheelset? What are they? They’re wheels and they give your...

ENVE AM30 wheels

ENVE AM30 Foundation Wheelset – survives our toughest test!

Wheels quiver when they hear the name ‘Ross’. Will these ENVE AM30 Foundation wheels survive the double onslaught of a Northern winter and our Ross? There’s no doubt that ENVE...

crankbrothers synthesis alloy wheelset review

Review: Crankbrothers Synthesis E Alloy Wheelset

The Crankbrothers Synthesis range is made up of both carbon and alloy wheelsets, and there are wheels to suit everyone from XC racers to eBikers and downhill racers. For the...

Roval Control SL Team Wheels – First Ride Review

The world of the carbon-rimmed wheel is a complicated one. After all, you need to know why you’re making your rim out of expensive carbon fibre instead of affordable, durable,...

Sun Ringle Düroc SD37 Pro Wheels | For Rim Dingers

We sent David ‘Dinger’ Hayward out to beat up these Sun Ringle Düroc SD37 Pro wheels, available as both a rim only or complete wheelset option. Will his reputation as...

Sector 9i carbon wheels come with a built-in Suit of Armour first ride review

Wheel maker Sector wants to prove to the world that tough and durable, needn’t mean stiff and uncomfortable with the new Sector 9i carbon wheelset. I was chatting with a...

santa cruz reserve 27 carbon rim maxxis minion dhr dhf

Longterm Review | 12 months on the Santa Cruz Reserve 27 carbon 29er wheelset

It’s been two years since Santa Cruz announced it would be developing its own carbon fibre mountain bike wheels. Coming under the ‘Reserve’ label, the carbon wheel range hosts a...

Review | The Stan’s No Tubes Sentry MK3 is a total sleeper wheelset for 2.5-2.6in tyres

Tom tests and reviews the Stan’s No Tubes Sentry MK3 wheelset If you’ve mountain biked for any length of time and even half thought about buying a new wheelset or...

hunt enduro wheels alloy

Review | Who needs carbon when the Hunt Enduro Wide wheelset is as good as this

James gives us his review on the Hunt Enduro Wide wheels after 9 months of punishment What do you do when you can’t find a wheelset with the exact specification...

2019 giant trance advanced pro 29 trx 1 carbon wheel

Longterm Review | 2019 Giant TRX 1 Carbon Wheelset

After four months of testing, Wil gives us his longterm review of the Giant TRX 1 carbon 29er wheelset Giant has been producing wheels for a good few years now,...

blue flow carbon wheels

Review: Blue Flow BF37/31 All Mountain Carbon Wheels

Rachel’s been testing some value-oriented carbon mountain bike wheels from a UK-based company called Blue Flow Wheels. How did they hold up? Over to Rachel for the review! I first...

Crank Brothers Synthesis 'Tuned' Carbon Wheelset Review

Review: Crank Brothers reinvents the wheelset with Synthesis

Oh look, another expensive carbon fibre wheel review! But before you roll your eyes and click the ‘back’ button, allow me the opportunity to wow you a little. If I...

stans no tubes podium srd wheelset maxxis ardent race rekon

Review: Stan’s Podium SRD Wheelset Weighs Less Than 1300g

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve read somewhere or been told by fellow bike riders that the best place to save weight on a bike is on...

syntace C33i wheels review

Syntace C33i Carbon Wheelset Review. Are These Lightweight German Wheels Worth Buying?

Syntace is a German-based manufacturer of high-end alloy and carbon fibre components. It’s the same company as Liteville; a brand well known for full suspension alloy frames with a suspension...

hunt wheels tubeless trailwide

Review: Is The Hunt Trail Wide The Best Wheelset You Can Buy Under £400?

Hunt is a wheel and components manufacturer started by a bunch of industry vets who weren’t able to find the products they wanted readily available on the market. This team...

barney nukeproof horizon wheels

Review: The Nukeproof Horizon Wheelset Costs Less Than £350 And Is Barney-Proof

Barney does his level best to destroy Nukeproof’s Horizon wheelset. And, as in so many other things he tries in life, he fails. Nukeproof is a brand with a long...

Review: The Acros Enduro is a carbon wheelset to survive the apocalypse

Tough, good value, are there any downsides to the Acros Enduro Race Carbon wheelset?

sun ringle duroc 40 plus wheels maxxis tyres 2.8in

Review: The SUNringlé Düroc 40 wheels are designed for chubby tyres from 2.5-2.8in wide

To go plus, or not to plus? Is that even a question? If it is, Tom Nash has been trying to answer it after receiving a set of SUNringlé Düroc 40...

issue 116 carbon wheels bontrager boyd mavic sixth element rsp roval

6 Carbon Wheels Under £1500 Abused & Reviewed

Carbon wheels are creeping down in price, but are they worth the outlay? David Hayward and the team have been testing six sets under £1500 to see how they compare....

sixth element carbon wheels issue 116 hope pro4

Sixth Element combines tough Asian-made carbon rims with bulletproof UK-made hubs for the Race SE 34.28 wheelset

In Issue #116 of Singletrack Magazine, David and the crew tested six sets of sub-£1500 carbon mountain bike wheels. We subjected all of these wheels to the same bikes, the same...