Santa Cruz Bikes Unveil First Full Carbon Fibre Bike

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It had to happen (or did it?) Santa Cruz has announced that the new Blur XC will be full carbon, with 105mm travel and a 4.2lb frame and shock weight…


Here’s what Santa Cruz have to say of their new well-kept secret new machine…
105mm travel, next generation VPP suspension
-Super efficient bump absorption, incredible pedaling response, no lockouts
or platforms required
-Reliable, serviceable, stiff – next generation VPP links are core of the
most evolved suspension on the market
-Ultra-lightweight, incredibly strong carbon fiber frame (4.2 pounds, frame
and shock, size medium)
-That wasn’t a typo. It’s really light.
-How light? 22 pounds, 6 ounces for the XTRxc complete

You want pictures? You’ve got pictures…

They reckon we might see test samples by February, which would suggest that it should be out in the shops in time for some (late?) summer fun…

Here’s a link to the Santa Cruz site

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    Very very nice!!!!!!


    Oh dear, time for a new keyboard


    They spotted the lovely price-rising/customer r*ping opportunities no doubt

    the pound will soon have parity with the dollar

    One word – LUSH 🙂

    Must not reach for wallet, repeat, must not reach for wallet ::)

    The C’Dale Raven from about 10years ago could have been full carbon. Dunno why they didn’t do it then, (probably waiting for technology to catch up).
    I’m not overly impressed and gut feeling is that the peeerrrrrty finish won’t last too long in the Peak Dist grinding paste.

    WTF!!! CHECK OUT THE LAST PIC, just noticed the rear brake cable is routed/sandwiched between the tyre and seat stay. V Poor!

    Cannondale Raven! Ha ha ha, what a joke that was…

    very nice. very expensive…..

    how much in Uk poonds n pence?
    and when will it be available, not that im interested

    Looks great but I hope they don’t stop making the metal version, otherwise there is no way I am buying another one. Still don’t like carbon.

    I imagine that the BlurXC, being a superlight race bike will only come in carbon as they’ll point you at one of their many other ally machines if you want to keep it metallic.

    They spotted the lovely price-rising/customer r*ping opportunities no doubt

    You should really think before you write Hora. Even if there is a price rise all bike companies will be making far less margins than they have in the past.

    I was speaking to a UK distributor today and was talking about handlebars- Yes they may all be generic rebranded Taiwanese bars to some degree but there price at trade has doubled- have you seen doubling of retail prices anywhere? No because the public wouldn’t except it, so suppliers and distributors are swallowing a large percentage of that.

    I never normally rant here, but the bike industry in general is made of decent honourable people who joined the the industry in the first place because they love bikes, if they had wanted to make fast(er) money they could have chosen almost any other industry.

    “WTF!!! CHECK OUT THE LAST PIC, just noticed the rear brake cable is routed/sandwiched between the tyre and seat stay. V Poor!”

    Erm, Not quite!
    The cable routing is the same as a Nomad, looking from that angle in the photo it does appear close to the tyre, but in reality the cable sits well away from the tyre.

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