Leap Forward for Amputee Mountain Biking

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It is almost impossible for those of us who struggle to ride bikes competently with a full complement of functioning limbs to imagine the difficulties that must accompany riding a bike with a prosthetic limb.

However, PACE Rehabilitation, a private, UK based rehabilitation centre are helping make it an easier and more possible scenario.

They have become the sole commercial UK supplier of the ‘Bartlett Tendon’, a prosthetic knee device, designed by professional American downhill rider and above-the-knee amputee, Brian Bartlett.

Brian Bartlett
Brian Bartlett

Using a Rock Shox unit, Brian has designed his own knee device which allows riders, who have had above-the-knee amputations, to stand and sprint out of the saddle, something which was previously inconceivable for this type of amputation.

British Mountain Biking enthusiast Glenn Johnstone has been trialling the knee device recently and PACE are now set to begin providing the ‘Bartlett Tendon’ to other patients.

The Bartlett Tendon

For more information visit PACE and click here to see a video of Brian

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    Awesome. It looks like it works amazingly well. If he was wearing full length trousers, I don’t think I could tell he was using a prosthetic!


    I’m Glenn and I have been trialling this knee on behalf of Pace Rehabilitation. First impressions are this knee is an amazing piece of kit. It removes the limitations of being stuck riding in the saddle something above knee amputees know all about. I can now stand and sprint out of the saddle…..Awesome

    I can’t thank everyone enough, Brian Bartlett the designer of the Bartlett Universal Knee System, everyone at Pace Rehabilitation, Providers of specialist prosthetics, orthotics, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and therapeutic services and Keith Jepson from Transition bikes for providing me with the opportunity to ride a Transition Blindside.

    If you require any more info please feel free to contact either Pace rehab or myself.


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