Paul Errington’s Snow Bike

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Genesis-sponsored rider Paul Errignton takes on all sorts of crazy challenges on his singlespeed bike. He popped by the Singletrack Office to tell us about the bike that will see him taking on the Arrowhead 135 marathon in early 2010.

The Arrowhead Winter Ultra is a non-profit human powered ultramarathon on bike, foot or skis, covering 135 miles across the Arrowhead Region of Northern Minnesota from International Falls near the Canadian border to Tower, MN.

For more information on the race visit here

To read about Paul’s travel through his own words visit his blog.

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    Bike looks great.

    Good luck in the event!

    Really like this! As i had a hand in building Paul’s other bikes before he moved out of Manchester, and helping him with ideas for this particular build, im really pleased it turned out so well! Good luck in the race mate, and all the other weird and wonderful events you have planned in 2010. Check his Blog, it is a VERY good read…. The TiO he is helping develop looks very nice as well…..



    can anyone tell me what seatpost rack that is ?

    Bontrager… allen bolt fitting instead of Topeak’s QR system.. feels a little bit more secure that way.

    cheers paul and a bargain 17.99 at all terrain !

    So, how can I get some “Derailleur No thanks” stickers?
    They look pretty cool

    oh,and good luck ! I checked the arrowhead out after the article in ST would love it myself ! oneday maybe ! jammy sod !

    grizzer, pretty sure thats where i got mine from:) … yeah Arrowhead is gonna be amazing… then i’m back in UK for a few weeks before going to Yak Attack… come April i will be a broken man.

    codebauer, stickers are from

    bloody ell mate, thats what i call living the dream !I’ll be keeping my eye on yer blog!when will you be having a crack at the tour divide ?

    Like the interchangeable wheels, but SPDs in snow? For me it was one dab then freeze my fingers unclogging them…

    totoro, Spd’s coming off in favour of flats.. although alot of the top guys run them.

    grizzer, yeah i’m not doing too bad.. comes at the sacrifice of everything non cycling. Tour Divide is on the list after reading Jenn’s report… so is RAAM.. but there are still a few big cycling firsts left:)

    your a man after my own heart! raam is dear do but spose you’ll get help from your sponser’s,speaking of which,what size airlock is that on the rear rack?ive got the old one’s without the strap loops,they look the a lot better for the job !

    Its one of the new Airlock XTra bags… its 13l but easily get 20 on there and gonna get 65l on front rack to hold -40 bag system the guys are making me.. look out for France report on blog, testing trip in a week.

    I was wondering if you might know if alpkit have got plans to sell the frame bags,and if there going to make them seat bags and bar roll’s like the epic designs?I’am sure there’s a market for them in the UK ,seems bikepacking is the way mtbing is going.

    The problem with the frame bags is for them to work properly they need to be custom made to the frame… although this is not the case for seat bags and bar rolls.. You are right that there is definately the need for a UK based supplier of these products as Epic Designs and Carousel Design Works have pretty long lead times.

    Suggest a well worded email to the guys at Alpkit and some gentle arm twisting:)

    Maybe if a few people read this it might get them to do the same,ive been on the epic site seen how they put them together,but out of my pocket range at the mo,as i’am between job’s !thanks for the advice and i’am allways checking your blog so can’t wait to read about your upcoming adventure’s!

    Between jobs myself technically just working part time in a bike shop… my advice is make the most of it:) You got time to do some some riding now… bivvi trips from your front door are free:)

    Are you still bringing you bike down to me in the new year mate?

    Yeah, next wednesday afternoon or following monday:)

    good man, I not in week on monday though, so if it’s going to be then, give me a shout first

    just to echo Paul’s comments about making the most of time between jobs, did similar myself last year with a less scary race at the end of it. Great experience to find out how fast you really can go and how far. Life has changed track since then so really glad I did it.

    Best of luck in arrowhead and at the Yak – are you single speeding the Himalaya’s???????

    btw – make sure you come back alive


    Thanks Matt… will be sticking to my guns and singlespeeding 2010

    Another question for you paul,hope you don’t mind,what are those cable disc’s your running ? I’ve got BB7’s, don’t think i’ve seen those before ?

    No marks for deduction grizzer… Shimano.

    Thank’s again ,will you use that setup for the Yak ?

    For Yak i will use my Ti SS … a whole different beast… so fast!

    Yeah I forgot it’s a stage race,no need to carry gear is there?

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