Video: Mojo Trail Diaries Part 2

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It’s the video you’ve all been waiting for. Stu from returns with the second part of the Mojo Trail Diaries. This time Danny Macaskill, Rowan Sorrell, Aimee Dix and Ed Oxley find themselves up a mountain in the Lakes.

Missed the first episode? It’s here:

Massive thanks to Mojo Suspension for making this happen!

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    “Get in”!!!!!!!!!

    mmmmmmm – lovely trail. Unbelievably fluid riding.

    5.27 to 5.39 nice moves 8-0

    And that’s there job?

    Bloody good film…

    …and a seriously impressive beard!

    Excellent, quite interesting to see only Ed with a full face helmet and shin guards.


    Dannys a pretty tasty rider off road too!

    Where is Chris Porter ? He should be there sword in hand in the wilderness…. or something.

    “Excellent, quite interesting to see only Ed with a full face helmet and shin guards.”

    …and a pump, tube, pack for people’s jackets…..hehehehehe

    Well I’ve seen that route and carried my bike up there before so I was going to go fully prepared for the attempt to ride back down it. It was a lot of fun.

    always makes me grin when people “discover” real mountain biking in the Lakes.

    What full face helmet for a full face beard though?
    Hmmm looked like good fun though, would like to try something like that but feel I would have a few squibly moments.

    Superb. Carried up there many times and always wondered about reversing it. I have to say that watching Danny and Rowan just makes you realise how far you can push a bike. Very very skillful riding. A pleasure to watch.

    Ed and Gav, I’m not jealous, no, not at all.

    Hey, ed-o did you get loads of ramblers telling you, you shouldn’t be riding down there, it always seems to happen to us where ever we go… Nice vid by the way…

    Nice one Lowey,It was no fun in the cold and at such great altitudes,honestly you missed nothing!,
    It was great to see Dannys very different style though, alongside Rowans,Its just a shame the Camera flattens everything out!

    The fellwalkers were making the trail look difficult just walking down!

    It looks as though Danny’s rear shock isn’t moving on any of the stuff…did he have it locked out or set for no adjustment? Makes no odds really (I’m just curious), he looked like he could handle himself without too much hassle anyway.

    Bloody good Vid (do we still call em, Vid’s?)
    They make it look so easy, that would be skill over determination for you i suppose.

    Keep them coming I really do like these. Ta

    speachless. Completely classic riding – more please!

    Fantastic again. Real mountain biking.

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