Britain’s ‘Manliest Cyclist’ wanted

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Are you a MAN?

Do bears kiss in the woods?

Are you a manly man with untameable facial hair?

"You should see my legs"

Do you also ride a bicycle?

"Beard? Where? I shaved this morning - oh..."

Yes? This might be of interest to you then. The Bluebeards Revenge is a new range of shaving products for resiliantly hairy gentlemen and they reckon that cyclists are the kind of manly men that might need their products. Here’s what they have to say…

“The Bluebeards Revenge is all about a really great shave with a scientifically proven, stubble-reducing ingredient – just perfect for competitive cyclists looking for that extra edge.

The men’s grooming brand also stands for the less than conventional approach to life, cocking a snoot at the nanny state and the madness that is the ball ache of endless red tape and over the top health and safety clap trap.

They believe that racing cyclists are real men who emulate the brand’s philosophy of ‘Train Hard, Shave Easy’. And they are looking for ‘Britain’s manliest cyclists’ at the Dartmoor Classic Cycling Sportive 2011, which takes place between June 25-26 in Kingsteignton, Devon. This individual will demonstrate characteristics of a real man. Someone that goes that extra mile, someone who never gives up, someone who will be a great advocate for the luxury brand.

The winner will:

– Become the face of The Bluebeards Revenge in the world of cycling
– Receive The Bluebeards Revenge racing jersey and accessories
– Receive a year’s supply of The Bluebeards Revenge shaving products
– Star in a cycling ‘Train Hard, Shave Easy’ commercial
– Receive £500 to a cycling club or charity of their choice

Cyclists looking to be crowned ‘Britain’s manliest’ will need to visit The Bluebeards Revenge tent at the Dartmoor Classic Cycling Sportive depart village and complete an entry form. The most original, interesting and humorous rider scoops the prize.

Cyclists and spectators will also have the chance to test out The Bluebeards Revenge shaving cream and raise money for charity in the process. The company will have an expert (and very pretty!) wet shaver on hand to shave the legs of every cyclist. This will cost £5, with £3 going to the Shelterbox charity (real men give to charity). Leg shaving participants will also receive a luxurious Bluebeards Revenge goodie bag.”

Comments (10)

    Anyone man enough to sign up?

    Real men don’t go that far south.

    more to the point, they want “Real men” then say there is someone there to shave your legs? real men DON’T shave their legs! seems contradictory to me….

    I’ve been pimped for the enemy!

    “They believe that racing cyclists are real men…”

    Pfft, real men don’t need to be smooth and aerodynamic through shaving – real men can power through the air resistance caused by their excessive furriness through RAW POWER!

    he he, manly men using shaving ‘products’.
    Target market fail.

    No it isn’t a “fail” – the sort of bloke who worries about or thinks himself, a Manly Man is their target audience. We’ve got a buffed up gym bunny sitting only 4 desks from me right now. I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s a manly man. Whereas Ranulph Fiennes/John North types are the real deal who’s brain would probably melt down if they even found themselves thinking of an “issue” like this.

    We could have sent our own Realman but I don’t think he’s old enough to shave yet is he?

    I’m guessing Ed up there then, is a Ranulph Fiennes type of chap and the last person on earth your gym bunny would associate with.

    I nominate Steve Peat

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