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What’s new with Camelbak for 2012?

Some new freeride packs, a new MTB specific lumbar pack and a new finish on the Mule. There are cleaning kits, coloured nipples, bendable drinking straws.

There are two new freeride packs that replace the old Don and Capo and Consiglieri packs: the Agent and the Asset.

Here’s the new line up above. Colourful enough for you?


Some Camelbak accessories. Insulated straws and new bendy straws, there's also a full cleaning kit.


The Agent

The Agent is the premium pack with two fleece lined goggle/sunglass pockets. There’s a phone/media pocket on the front strap and the back material is the NVis (say ‘envious’) super vented padding to keep you cool. There’s a selection of pockets, the whole pack will clamshell open too so that you can get your stuff out without having to delve down the bottom of a dark pack.

There’s a phone pocket in the front, extra big stash pockets for helmets and further straps for armour. The bladder is 3L/100oz.


The Agent


The Asset is a smaller pack – 70oz/2L bladder with fewer pockets. It still has webbing straps for armour, open face helmet and tools. The colours for both packs will be a vivid orange, a dark purple and good old black.

The Asset
More packs. Are those new lumbar packs?

Cleaning tabs come as part of the cleaning kit.
Want to dress up your 'bak? Or want to differentiate between his 'n' hers? Coloured nipples.



The Groove bottle with taste filter
The Asset and Agent come with colour matched insulated hoses.
'70s disco colours? Or right on trend?
Strap mounted phone/mp3 pocket
Like the quilted look? We do.

Last year’s Octane lumbar pack was meant as a running/adventure racing pack, but many mountain bikers liked the idea. The only trouble was that there wasn’t much storage space and it was hard to carry pumps and the like because the padding was so minimal. The new Charge L-R has more vertical space for pumps and the like.

The new Charge lumbar pack

And finally, a special Camelbak MULE in ‘Tin Man’ silver finish. It looks pretty delicate, but it’s been tested by careless meathead riders like Mark Weir for months without any scuffage so far.

The accessories, like the bite valves and the cleaning kits should be out now. The new packs will be out around January and available through distributors

And, of course, we need a photo of how Camelbak’s PR guru, Seth, runs his press briefings: in the hot tub…

Wait, this isn't a bagpipe...
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